Your Buffer Against Sickness

When I started reading the data regarding COVID-19 and its effects on the chronically ill and elderly, the sickness-wellness-fitness continuum from the L1 course immediately came to mind. I placed myself on the continuum to see where I would fall if I contracted the virus. Then my family—then my friends and gym family. We’ve looked at change and what makes people change, and I found the following.

“I have continued to ask patients about their ability to change and what makes or made them change. The key theme is generally a major life event, whether it be a diagnosis or another event. What is sad about this change is that it is generally a little late in the game, especially after a diagnosis such as diabetes. Granted, diabetes is reversible and it’s never too late to change to get great benefits, but preventing diabetes is even a better plan, which requires early change. But how? How do we get people to not only see a need to change, but to MAKE the change and make it early and stick with it? People, including myself, have the mentality of ‘this will never happen to me.’ Why do we think we are immune? We see the people around us and the things that happen to them, but we put ourselves in this bubble of immunity. So, maybe the process of change should come with the realization that WE ARE NOT IMMUNE.”

The Last Two Years

The last two years dealing with COVID-19 should be an eye-opener that we are in fact not immune and we should look at our position on the sickness-wellness-fitness continuum. We all have made investments for our future financially, it’s time now to make similar investments in the future of our health.

Now is the time to invest in all aspects of your health, including spiritual and emotional health. Stress can lead to and accelerate any disease process. Therefore, we need to have a plan in place to step away from all the noise. Everyone is different, for some this will be reading or going for a daily walk. Do what works for you.

Physical Health

That leads me to the next topic: physical health. As we’ve observed over our time, change most likely occurs in people when they have a method of accountability. It’s rare someone just decides to change and does home workouts every day. We all need to be held accountable. 

Invest in a method for accountability. This could be an online group of friends or a gym you enjoy going to regularly. EBCF can be just that. We have a team of expert coaches and a community that will keep you engaged and accountable. What are you waiting for?

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