We don’t compete with Orange Theory or any of the new boutique gym chains.

Small group training is the jam these days.  Everyone has figured out that high-intensity coupled with quality nutrition leads to results.  Dozens of new franchises have popped up everywhere to cash in on that simple model.  Some charge more, others less than us.  Nearly all of them have swankier spaces, more classes on the schedule, huge marketing budgets, and massive classes with low overhead.

Am I worried about them?  No.

Why, because we don’t sell fancy spaces and cool slick social media campaigns.  Yes, we offer small group classes, but what we sell is an individualized experience and results.

YOU are NOT a Commodity

Orangetheory, Barry’s, FitBody Boot Camp, F45, and dozens of others all have one thing in common: Choreographed workouts set to music led by people whose top skill asset is cheering (not Coaching).

They don’t need (or care) to know about your fitness background, what’s happening in your life outside the gym or if the workout that day works with your needs. They just need to verify your membership is paid and you signed up for class.

Conversely, EBCF offers workouts and nutrition programs that can be individualized for you on any given day with regards to any specific set of circumstances your day may have.

Ideally, we see every single member of ours 5-6 times a week coupled with Nutrition Coaching.  Unfortunately, that’s just not realistic.  So we work with everyone as your life allows with a mindset of maximizing our influence with you with whatever time we get you for.

We train individuals, either in small groups or one on one, overall each member receives a unique individualized experience.

That’s why in your first session we just start with asking your goals and WHY those are your goals.  We can then adapt a program best suited to your needs.  And we are happy to adjust as needed whenever you need.  And even if you don’t sit down one on one with us every few months, we are constantly evolving to adapt to you and your needs.

Fitness Isn’t Measured with Sweat

If it was as simple as just working out a few times a week and eating the right things, we’d all look like Brad Pitt or Gal Gadot.  In truth, we all know what we should do, we just don’t have anyone holding us accountable.

Again, we don’t sell choreographed workouts, we sell results.  Those results are a function of two factors: knowledge and ACTION,

Knowledge is cheap, even free.  Jump online and in less than 5 minutes you can find hundreds of different workout plans and fail-proof diets.  Our Coaches can help you navigate these vast oceans of knowledge and narrow down what it is that can work for you and your goals.

ACTION – action is where the results are made.  The majority of us seek to do the least amount of work to yield the maximum value we are looking for.  We can’t help that, that’s what we do as humans.

However, some of us want more than just to get by.  We want to thrive and create even bigger and brighter futures for ourselves.  That means taking action even when we don’t want to.

That’s where Coaches that know and care about you make the difference.  We’re here to keep that brighter future on the horizon and help you stay the course.  We’re here to hold you accountable.

The Relationship Business, Not the Fitness Business

Creating an individualized experience and plan, implementing that plan, and keeping you accountable to it has one requirement:  a real trusting relationship.  When you have a tough day, we’re here to let you know we care.  We’re here to tell you when you’ve crushed it and when you can do better.

We always have your best interest in mind and don’t want to waste your money.  That could even mean telling you to take a break.  Does that cost us in the short term?  Definitely.  But doing so builds trust and in the long term that pays off.

So the question you need to ask is: Do you want to be a paid account or someone coached and cared for?

If you’re ready for a Coach to help you on your path to those bigger and better futures, click the link below and book your free intro.

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