Our words matter.

They shape perceptions, which shape our intentions. And our intentions dictate just about everything.

The Holiday season is upon us.  And it’s around this time of the year we hear the phrase “surviving the holidays.”  Between holiday parties and family gatherings, the next couple of months are filled with events and festivities.

And let’s be honest, survival through is often thought to aim at what we should eat and drink over the holiday season—usually less. Or more and then less, to make up for the “more” you ate during the holidays. Who can keep track of it all?

Sounds pretty boring and lame.  What are we surviving, really?

What if we flipped the script?

Thrive through the holidays by enjoying delicious food that makes you feel full and warm.

Do awesome workouts fueled by that great food.

Hell, thrive through a long winter’s nap after a delicious meal or night out.

There are 365 days a year.  If we have 3 meals a day, that’s over a thousand meals, why should we let a handful of meals or days ruin the fun?  Our nutrition & fitness is a long game and looking at a single day is to lose sight of the long game and focus unnecessarily on the short game.  Don’t make that mistake.  Enjoy the season, stay consistent with your training, and outside of your festivities stay on track in the kitchen.  These few bumps in the road will soon be behind us.

So enjoy the things you love to do—being with friends and family, eating well, moving with abandon and resting at the right times.  And let’s focus on thriving this holiday season.

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