There is no perfect day to start.  When it comes to health and nutrition, just start.  Too often we hear about how everything is going to change come January 1st or after a vacation a month from or whatever.  However, that’s examining your health with a short term mindset.  A common phrase we use/hear is “Success is never owned, it’s leased, and the rent is due everyday.”  That obviously sounds extreme and we share it not to scare you off.  We also don’t want you to think everyday must be perfect.  The main takeaway is that, if success is something we want to build and then sustain, there is no end date.  Our trajectory is always aimed out over the horizon.

And to start that doesn’t mean giving up sugar or working out 7 days a week.  It means starting slow with small manageable changes that don’t burn you out.  They allow you to set mini-milestones, reach them, build on them, and keep going to surpass them.

Let’s look at nutrition for example.  The average person eats three times a day.  In one year that’s 1095 meals.  When you look at that, are a few Holiday meals or office parties worth putting off starting?

The goal is to build toward a lifestyle that allows you to live the life you desire, deviate when necessary, and not stress about the relative impact.

How do we build that?  By starting.  Don’t wait, there is no perfect day.  Just start.

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