The Tax You’re Really Paying

When we’re unhealthy, we often don’t get to do the stuff we like. We might decline an offer to hike the Enchantments. We might be discouraged to take the kids to the pool. Or we can’t join our friend’s soccer team.

These are taxes. Physical taxes. But they’re not the worst ones we pay.

The worst tax we pay is the mental tax.

When we’re unhealthy we’re likely self-conscious about it.

We don’t want to start all over working out. We don’t want to look stupid. We don’t want to fail.

We don’t want to change the way we eat for fear of judgment at the next social outing we attend.

The government makes us pay monetary taxes. But the other two—physical and mental—are self-imposed.

And here’s the truth.

No one cares if you’re slow.

No one cares if you finish last.

No cares you didn’t get another round at the bar.

I bet you’d stop caring if you understood how little everyone else did about these things.

It’s all in our head and that tax is the heaviest. And with it, most overpay.

We all pay more than enough taxes already. Let’s dump these unnecessary ones.

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