This is what the path of success looks like.

You’re going to make progress. And then you’re going to backtrack some. Then a bit more progress, and then backtrack once again. Progress, backtrack; progress; backtrack.  Lose a bunch of weight, gain some back.  Back Squat goes up 30 pounds, then dops 10.  It’s a  non-stop, continuous loop of a few steps forward and then another back.

But here’s why we keep going: Every time we loop back, we don’t fall as far back as the previous time.  We’re continually making the loop smaller and smaller.

AND you’ll begin to realize that the time between backtracking loops will begin growing.  I.e. they won’t be as frequent.  Then boom, one day you’ll think, “it’s been a whole year since I gained any weight.”  The thought will give you goosebumps and motivate you to keep grinding.

We’ve all heard the term #highclassproblems.  It’s a great way to keep perspective.  It reminds us that problems will always arise but as the next one approaches will be all the fitter to overcome them.  Your Deadlift dropped from 385 to 355.  Dang, that’s a bummer, but how many other people do you know can pick up over 350 pounds?

Most people get stuck in their first loop and all motivation is lost.  Perhaps their program, diet, or plan was unsustainable.  Maybe it got boring.  Maybe it didn’t actually work.  That’s why you have a Coach at EBCF.  They’ll utilize effective methods of reaching your goals, keep it fresh, and when that first fallback loop  (and the subsequent ones to follow) comes they’ll help you to minimize it and to keep you up on that horse.  And they’ll be there to point out how much progress you’ve made and recognize the fall wasn’t as far back as you might have thought.

The holidays are quickly approaching.  Pretty soon we’ll all be gorging, drinking, and relaxing (#highclassporblems).  We’ll all fall back some.  But we’ll still be able to come back and finish a workout.  You can still show up.  You’re Coach will still be there and pretty soon we’ll be moving forward again.  And then next year, we’ll be there when it happens again, and this time it’ll be a smaller fall as we build up our margin for lapses down the long path of our fitness and health.

Lastly, if for no other reason, go to the gym today because today’s problems are slightly less horrible than last year’s problems.  And we’ll work to make the next year’s issue even smaller. 

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