Matt Fraser (CrossFit champion for those unaware) was on the Joe Rogan podcast and in the interview mentioned how Beta-Alanine is a game-changer for him in terms of his supplementation.  Unsurprisingly, following the interview, Beta-Alanine sales skyrocketed. Everyone wanted a taste of what gives the champ an edge.

Now, we are not here to knock Beta-Alanine or its benefits.  However, when you look at the data, understand it can help, but maybe by a small percentage.  It alone won’t cut 20 pounds or add 20 pounds to your bench press.  Similarly, no single supplement on its own will.  You can definitely benefit from the use of them, but over 90% of what you’re hoping for is in the real work. Becoming consistent with your training and nutrition will take you light years beyond what Beta-Alanine, paired with beer on the couch (obviously choosing an extreme here) will.  

The point we’re trying to drive home is thus.  Whatever goals you have, unless you’re fighting for the gold, where 0.1 sec can be the difference between gold and silver, focusing on the details that can affect that last 1% is rather pointless.  Focus on the 90%+ which is consistency in training and nutrition.

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