We opened EBCF in 2014 with $40,000.

$40k isn’t much to start a gym.  Many gyms have opening budgets in the millions.  Most small box gyms or “boutique” gyms like us are typically a few hundred thousand.

Believe it or not, having a smaller budget was an advantage.  No room for the shiny toys, just enough to buy what works.  Nothing fancy, just gear that worked.

We had zero dollars for a marketing budget.  Didn’t even have a sign.  Just had big windows and a reputation spread by our members. A reputation built on RESULTS. 

When we went shopping, we bought barbells, kettlebells, boxes, ropes, and mats.  And after six months we could finally could buy three rowers.

We weren’t discouraged, this was all we needed to start.

And it was.  We got people VERY fit.  No mirrors, no chrome, not even a real stereo system for the first year. 

Over the years, we bought more. But it was more of the same: rowers, barbells, pull-up bars, and boxes. No cable crossovers or leg extension machines. You are the only machine doing work.  Squats, pull-ups, box jumps, etc.  That’s what works. That’s what brings results.  

Those that want to work know that more doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Most gyms sell comfort and access: padded machines and lots of shiny objects.  Truly fit people and those committed to becoming so do not need them.  They know they don’t need choice, they need work.

Almost all who come to EBCF have been to other gyms.  Many will say they didn’t work out.  Maybe they looked for the cheapest or the largest or the one with the fanciest/most equipment.  In the end, it didn’t work.  And when they wanted to change that, they went looking for a Coach.

Coaches that drive results.  Those Coaches only need bars, burpees, and floor space.  Floor space is our most valuable asset when it comes to working.  Work to get fit requires space to move, not chairs and smoothie bars to kick back in.

We have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

No wasted space, wasted time, or wasted effort.

We push to make it the best hour of your day and deliver results.  Click the link below, book your free intro, and let’s get to WORK.

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