For as long as we’ve been doing fitness, the common thought about losing weight and getting fit is cardio and more cardio.  

Cardio is absolutely a great tool for reaching your goals.  And the Peleton has become an extremely popular method for achieving our cardio fix.  Before going any further, I want to say I’m not going to knock the Peleton.  In fact I’m a huge fan of it.  I’m all for whatever gets anyone and everyone up and moving.  And if Peleton does that, don’t stop, keep going!

But is it the all-encompassing solution?  If you’ve had one for a while you’ve probably started to sense the gains you were making are starting (or have) to plateau.  Why?  Because with any form of fitness, our body adapts and if we do the same thing over and over, its effect begins to decrease.

But don’t stop, just start thinking about how you can (and may want) diversify your training.  Maybe adding some weight training?  Some gymnastic training?  The more diversification the better.  And that’s what we specialize in.  Plus with the incorporation of resistance training of any variety, you’ll also notice the benefit of increasing lean muscle mass.  And guess what, that muscle mass is an expensive tissue to maintain.  This means the more you have of it, the more calories you’ll burn using it.  And so breaking those plateaus with fitness and perhaps more specifically weight loss.

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