Full Name? 

Nope, you are forever gonna refer me as JV


Avinashi, Tamil Nadu

Favorite Movie?

Panchathanthiram ( it’s a Tamil film)

Among English ones, I’m a fan of 2012 and pretty much any movie where the world is likely to end 🀣😝

What do you do for a living? 

Just another software guy


Have a younger sister 

When/where did you start CrossFit?

2020 October with EBCF

What brought you to EBCF? 

I have few friends who worked out at EBCF (the Gowthams). So, decided to give it a try.

What is the most significant change whether it be social, physical, mental, etc you have experienced since joining EBCF? 

EBCF has given me an extended family and great set of friends. I’ve also become a bit more outdoorsy and, thanks to dinners with 6pm workout buds, I can give you reviews for all restaurants in downtown.

Physically, I’ve lost 15 pounds since I joined the gym and have become more disciplined with my food habits.

What is your favorite thing about EBCF?

The coaches : Meredith with her (bad) jokes and lay (wo)man explanation of workouts, Phil with his explosiveness and constant push to go heavier, Leo with his meanness and focus on techniques, Joe with his finance tips and disciplining.

You get a different flavor each day.

What are your goals/aspirations here for the next year?

Probably vibrate at higher frequency 🀣 and maybe become fit enough to workout shirtless 😜

Fav/least favorite movements?

Burpees are hell incarnate and I love dball slams. Why do you need therapy when you can do dball slams ? πŸ˜‚

Favorite hobby/activity (non-CrossFit related)?

Binging Anime. Some of my couch potato traits do still continue.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

Leo tells me that I have “no filter”. So, you guys pretty much know everything about me.


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