Full name? 

Subashini (Suba) Chandrasekaran 


Stony Brook, NY 

Favorite Movie? 

‘10 Things I Hate About You’ or any Harry Potter movie  

What do you do for a living? 

Strategic Partnerships Director at Bristol Myer Squibb. I work on the development of clinical trials within the pharma industry.


I have an older brother, Nathan, who is also a member and introduced me to EBCF. He will tell everyone he meets that he is the funnier, cooler and wiser of us two. None of this is true.

When/Where did you start Crossfit? 

I did an intro week at Crossfit New England a few years ago, but I became more consistent when I joined EBCF in September 2020.

What brought you to EBCF? 

I moved to Seattle during the pandemic and was looking to build a better fitness routine while in quarantine. I’m so glad I joined EBCF as it has helped me create a healthier lifestyle. 

What is the most significant change whether it be social, physical, mental, etc. you have experienced since joining EBCF? 

All of the above! Socially EBCF has been a great place to meet people in a new city. Being active every day is important for me physically, but also mentally as it helps clear my head and allows me to refocus. It was especially nice to have a place to workout and meet new people during the pandemic.

What is your favorite thing about EBCF? The people – the coaches and members! The camaraderie and competitiveness brings me back to the gym every day. 

What are your goals/aspirations here for the next year? 

Learn to do a strict pull-up, T2B, double unders and to beat Nathan in at least one workout.

Fav/least favorite movements?

Favorite: Burpees – I enjoy movements that are a good workout and require no equipment. I also don’t have to put anything away 🙂

Least Favorite: Box Jump Overs – not fun when you are just short of that jump. Ugh.

Favorite hobby/activity (non-crossfit related)? 

Any outdoor activity – tennis, hiking, yoga, snowboarding and finding good taco places.

What is one thing we don’t know about you? 

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.


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