Let’s just be real for a minute: Don’t make a New Year’s resolution.

Seriously, why? 

We both know you’re not going to follow through with it, so why set yourself up for failure and disappointment? Do you know why you and everyone else rarely achieve their New Year’s resolutions? 

Because of Parkinson’s Law.

Unfamiliar with Parkinson’s Law?  It’s the adage that work stretches to fill the time set out. Put simply, we’ll take as long as we’re allowed for completion.

Remember back in school when you got assigned a project on Monday that was due by Friday?  Did you jump on it Monday night?  Most likely not.  Most of us waited until Thursday to get cranking.  That’s Parkinson’s Law.

New Year’s resolutions are no different.  Why set a goal with a completion date 12 months out, we know it’s not happening.  We might come out hot in early January, but then something will come up and the next thing we know is that we’ve been sidetracked.  But no biggie, we still got 11 months right?  Repeat that cycle and once again we have unfinished resolutions.

This doesn’t mean we should never set big goals.  Just set smaller, shorter manageable goals that build to the greater one.  A Coach can help with this process.

Let’s say the resolution is to drop 25 pounds.  Let’s set the first goal to eat 3 servings of fruits or veggies a day.  Once that’s complete, let’s plug in at least 45 minutes of exercise or physical activity four times a week.  Move forward, keep conquering and progress forward again.

Soon, you’ll have achieved all of these small goals and we’ll be right there at completing the big one.

So in 2022, avoid New Year’s resolutions and Parkinson’s Law. Go for the short, small goals and see how much more success you find.

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