Money and Love (of Food)

There are so many analogies to fitness and money.

We’ve all heard the classic prescription for weight loss: “Eat less, exercise more,” and how it also applies to money: “Spend less, make more.”

Those are easy to say but hard to do. Plus, how far do we go in either direction? 

Does “spend less” just mean hoarding your money and spending nothing beyond the bare necessities? Does “eating less” mean just drinking water and eating rice cakes all day?

How about the other end of the spectrum? Should we be exercising for six hours a day? How much money is enough?

The mind can play tricks on us when it comes to food and money, and we need to remember that we’re not machines that can simply take in less fuel or run 24/7.

Our advice, spend on what you love and cut back on what you don’t.

As humans, we often have emotional ties to things. So a common example of the above principle is buying lattes. Classically, a lot of financial advisors will tell you it’s foolish to spend $4-$8 a day on coffee drinks. But if you love lattes and they bring you happiness, perhaps they’re worth it.

Let’s further apply this principle of nutrition. We love lattes, so we’re keeping those. But do we find ourselves munching on chips or pretzels when we’re just bored? If the answer is yes, then maybe that’s something we should cut (save on cost and calories).

At the end of the day, we all need to understand that no one should aim for 100% adherence to strict guidelines. You should be as strict as you possibly can while not sacrificing happiness. In general, most people find the 80/20 principle creates the perfect balance. 80% of the week we’re on it with our nutrition and for the other 20% go wild.

In conclusion, just remember, we’re shooting to live healthier because we believe that will bring us a higher quality of life which should consequently increase our happiness. If the work we put in decreases our happiness, then we’ve done something wrong and need to rethink our plan.

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Inspiration provided by Chris Plentus at CrossFit Kanna.


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