One of the ultimate goals of EBCF—was that OUR gym will provide you the ability to live a life worth living. Get out there and use all this fitness you’ve gained. We love seeing you complete races, climb mountains, surf, ski, bike, etc. EBCF can help you prepare for anything.

But, just because you’re prepared doesn’t mean none of it will be scary or stressful.

So how do we deal? Here’s how we’ve learned to lean into the scary stuff, embrace stress and live a more fulfilled life.

First, understand that your body can’t tell the difference between excitement and fear. They feel exactly the same. So if you feel the anxiety building, ask yourself, “am I scared or excited?”

It’s rare as adults that we get excited. Our natural response to raised heart rates and pumping adrenalin is fear. Then we let that take over.

Second, know that the anticipation is worse.

Too often we only see the worst-case scenario and the preceding days to the event are at maximum stress. By the time it actually starts we’ve already worn ourselves out running through each worst-case scenario.

Waiting, deliberating, anticipating—they’re always worse than doing. So if we have to do something hard. Choose to do it asap and avoid the less fun parts of anticipation.

Third, put it in perspective: Will I even remember or care about this in a year?

If not, then no need to stress.

And if you will remember or care about it, then it’s worth doing and can actually be exciting.

Life is a series of moments. The standout moments become our life’s story. A life without these moments is dull and boring. Every time you do something difficult, understand you’re adding the next great chapter to your life. So embrace it!

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