A couple of weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Seattle Kraken’s first-ever home game.  It was an unreal experience.  The new arena is incredible and the energy from the fans even before the game was through the roof.  Sadly, the Kraken lost in the end and while that was a bit of a buzzkill, it didn’t change the fact, that we had a great time.

Why wasn’t our night ruined?  Mainly because of the company I was with.  I went to the game with my brother, who for our entire lives have cheered for all of Seattle’s teams.  Sports was perhaps the biggest component of our lives growing up together and still is to this day.  So to be there together for the first game was truly something special.

As humans, we thrive on relationships.  We can form with almost anything.  We have relationships with our siblings and partners, to our pets and hairdressers, and to even inanimate things like our cars and barbells.

Of course, many of us are more than comfortable and happy having time to ourselves, but we almost always are at our best when we’re amongst those that we’re closest with.

At EBCF this is exactly what we focus on. 

The goal is to build intimate, not transactional relationships.  Your life is full of transactional relationships, that’s even what 99% of gyms provide.  And those relationships rarely last and as does your loyalty to them.  Our goal is to be different, to get to know you, for you to get to know us, and for you to get to know those around you.  You’ve come to us to work to become the best version of yourself and that path shouldn’t be taken with a stranger.

We’re not trying to become the gym that’s slammed with 400+ members and each is just a name on the whiteboard.  We don’t lead choreographed workouts and we don’t mass-market our relationships.  We provide unique, one on one relationships where you’ll tell us your goals and fears, your hopes and your wants.  And we’ll listen and act providing a structured approach to achieve those very things.  This can be done with training, nutrition, or even confidence.  

We don’t sell cheap memberships or long-term contracts.  Coaching with expertise and care is our speciality.  We build trust by building our relationship with you.  

Most of you know my kids (and I know yours), many of you have come to my house for Thanksgiving, some of you have met your partners and closest friends here.  We strive to make this the best hour of your day.  You’ll get fit and have fun doing so.  And in the process, we’ll build relationships that last a lifetime.

At EBCF we’re different.  What you do matters and we care.  Let us prove that, click below and book your free intro and let’s get to work.

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