How to Lose Fat “Right Here”

Since we opened our doors 8 years ago, clients have pointed to every single body part and said, “How do I lose fat right here.”

As expected, some of the most common areas: the belly, the hips/butt, and the “turkey jiggle under the arm.”

We’ll tell you exactly to lose fat in any of those parts—and anywhere else.

Here’s the real truth: You can’t actually target any specific body part. The ads for products will tell you differently. You can “burn off belly fat” or “tone your legs,” but these are empty promises. No magic pill, lotion, wrap, or diet can target fat loss in any one specific place. 

The truth is that you must use fitness (and nutrition) to reduce overall body fat. Unfortunately, your body will decide where the fat is lost, but if you lose body fat in general, you’ll improve problem areas, too. 

You can also double down on the process by adding a bit of muscle mass. PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT mean bulky, bulging muscles. We’re talking about very small increases. You won’t ever suddenly become “bulky”—but that’s a myth for another time.

Our Fat-Loss Program

So how do you use fitness to reduce body fat and build muscle? 

Well, there are lots of ways to do it. We’ll tell you how we do it, and we know it works because we’ve done it with members for years! (Don’t take our word for it. Feel free to ask any of our clients!) 

We use a combination of strength and conditioning to burn calories and build muscle. It’s not just one thing, it’s the combinations and variations that make it potent.  Our coaches create programs that are perfectly designed to help clients accomplish their specific goals. 

Every day is different.  One day, there can be two parts: one part “cardio” and the other, strength related.  Another day can be the two blended together. The next could be a longer “cardio” piece.  Overall, improvement will be made in both areas of Strength and Conditioning.

Where does nutrition fit in?

Where does nutrition fit in? The above plan paired with a calorie deficit is how we lose weight. Calorie deficits can be created with sustainable changes to one’s diet over time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN something like tomorrow I’m eliminating sugar for 6 months. It starts with more, let’s aim to eat three servings of fruits or vegetables this next week and then build from that. 

The end result? You get fitter and build some muscle. You burn calories and body fat. Do this regularly, and you’re going to begin to see some muscle definition. No, your abs won’t instantly pop out. That’s a long-term goal. But you will get leaner. And you will notice that clothes start to fit better, and you’ll be able to see some visible changes. You’ll also be able to see clear progress in your workout log.

So think about the spot you want to lose fat. Your “right here.” 

Now click the link below and come talk to us. We’ll make a plan for you and tell you exactly how you can lose fat everywhere!

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