How to Find Motivation

Everyone knows working out is a good thing.

It’s common sense. Yet a massive majority of people don’t. 


“Workout” contains the word “work,” and if you aren’t motivated, you’re not going to want to work.

If you were motivated, you’d definitely get into a groove with a program or routine. So how do we find motivation? 

We have the secret. It has two parts:

Focus on your goals and rely on a coach.

How to Accomplish Your Goals

Would it be fun to spend all your money on trips, clothes, and other cool stuff? Duh! But we don’t because we also have goals like paying the rent or mortgage, saving for retirement, and so on. Those are easy to find motivation for (I think most of us want to keep a roof over our heads). And so you stay on track.

Fitness is no different. If you have goals, you’re going to be motivated to work for them. But, if you don’t see progress, it’s easy to lose motivation.

Financial goals are easy to track because you can watch the numbers.  We all have several apps on our phones to check our investments, accounts, etc. Pretty easy, right? 

Fitness goals on the other hand are way harder to track. But we can help. We’ll help you identify your short- and long-term goals, determine how to measure them, and track progress. And we’ll celebrate all the small wins along the journey to the big ones!

That brings us to our second element of motivation: Rely on a Coach.

You’ve got the goals for sure. But you probably don’t have an exact plan. Want to lose 20 lb.? We can tell you how. Want to improve your endurance? We have a program. Want to get stronger? We got that too.

If you see a clear path to your goals and get to celebrate milestones along the way, you’ll be very motivated. Your Coach is who will plan the route from your current state to your goals and set up milestones along the way. They’ll be the first to pick you up when you’re down. And they’ll be right there to celebrate your wins.

If someone told you, “hey do this grueling workout,” you’d sooner grab the tv remote. But if we said, “hey come join us for a great workout with the help of a great Coach who’ll get you to smile and enjoy the next hour.” You’d probably be more inclined to jump in.

Bonus: With us, you have the chance to work one on one with a personal Coach or in a group setting. Some people love the devoted attention of their own coach and some people get fired up by training side by side with friends. The choice is yours!

Now that you know the secret to motivation, you have only one thing left to do: START! You can do that by clicking the link below and booking your free intro

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