How to Start a Fitness Routine in 2022

If you Google “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll see lots of great info from great sources.

For example, the Mayo Clinic has five steps for you, with instructions under each heading:

1. Assess fitness level.

2. Design program.

3. Assemble equipment.

4. Start.

5. Monitor progress. 

We’re definitely not going to argue with the Mayo Clinic! But who’s going to read that article, know what to do, and execute successfully?

Do you know how to assess fitness?  Or how to design a program?

Let’s be clear: We want you to start a fitness program in 2022, and anything you can d is better than nothing. You can literally start with taking the stairs for one flight daily instead of riding the elevator all the way.  As that gets easy, increase the number of flights.

The pressure to research, plan, purchase and assess can be totally overwhelming!  We know because so many of our members found us after becoming so overwhelmed. Sadly many give up before seeking help (ours or anyone else’s).

Let’s make it simple.  Focus on #4, START.

Then to make that even easier, just start by reaching out to us.  Why waste your time trying to consolidate and make sense of your internet rabbit hole deep dive.  Just start and let us take care of the rest.

We Can Help You Start Working Out!

Assessing fitness levels, designing programs, and monitoring results are what we do every day.  That is our area of expertise.  And we have all the equipment you’ll ever need.  And here’s the secret sauce to us, we’ll make it fun.  Getting you fit and doing so while giving you the best hour of your day is our mission.  It’s what we strive for and deliver.

Let us eliminate the frustration and give you the perfect plan to reach your goals.  From there we’ll motivate and keep you accountable to that plan.  The journey of fitness is long, there’s no need to travel it alone.

The Mayo Clinic is 100 percent correct: “Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health.”

But you don’t have to figure out what to do and buy a bunch of gear. All you have to do is click 


and book an appointment to talk with us!

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