If we asked you if maintaining a high quality was important, you’d say “definitely,” right?  And if I followed up with “is exercise crucial for maintaining your health and wellness?” we’re confident you respond with something similar to “duh.”  So if nutrition combined with fitness is the magic trick to crushing a healthy vibrant life, why do most of us not do it?  Why do some of us prioritize one over the other?  Why is this always on the back burner until we realize we can barely walk up a flight of stairs or can’t pick up our kids without fear of injury>

In my experience at EBCF, the key is accountability.  It’s easy to allow ourselves to continually let ourselves down over and over.  But, if someone else is counting on us, we will show up.

We show up for them because we don’t want to bear the shame of letting them down.  Yet we do it with ourselves all the time.  It’s easy to skip the gym today with a promise of going tomorrow.  It’s just easier to order a pizza than cook.  Over and over this mindset takes over and soon we’re just incapable and weak-minded.

Using others to maintain accountability is great – in the short term.  As we’re getting started it can be just the extra boost we need to stay on track.  At EBCF we have a system of accountability to help anyone get started.  We send text reminders and check in.  We fist bump after every workout and celebrate each milestone you pass.


Additionally, our community of fellow members also plays a part.  The friend you made in class will notice if you’ve been missing and they’ll follow up with you.  At EBCF you’ll never be forgotten and you’ll always know you’re wanted here.

But we can’t do it all, the truth is, no matter how hard we try, it does ultimately come down to you.  You have to want to make progress.  You have to buy in that it is hard work, but the payoff is always worth it.  We are here to support 100%, but if you’re not bought in, it’ll never last.

What You Can Do

So what are some things you can do to help facilitate our commitment?

Engage with the community.  Our workouts get you in the door to start, our community keeps you coming back.  It’s a major component of our high rate of success.  Who doesn’t want a group of like-minded individuals to have our backs along our journey?

Set reminders on your phone and block off your workout time on your calendars to prevent meetings from being scheduled at that time.  Set alarms weekly as to when to begin meal prepping and look at the week ahead and see where your workouts fit in.

Tell your Coach or friend you’ll be in class.  By letting your intentions be known you’ve created the expectation that you’ll be there.

Print off a calendar and hang it somewhere you always look and mark off the days you hit the gym and/or stayed on track in the kitchen.  Seeing your progress visually is extremely satisfying and motivating.

Put your story on social media (this may seem a bit much).  But the goal isn’t to get others to comment on your progress but that making a claim publicly will allow you some added conviction to follow through.

Take progress pics (for yourself).  It’s hard to notice changes daily/weekly, but you may be shocked when you look across months.  Once we see the change, guess what, the more we want to keep pushing forward.

Set regularly recurring check-in meetings with your accountability buddy or your Coach.

Know and Never Forget Your “Why”

Never forget your “why” and constantly remind yourself of it.  Goals are great, but if we don’t know our “why” they’re quite meaningless.  How does impact your life?  How will it make you feel?  And yes, just wanting to look good naked is a damn good reason.

Understand it isn’t all or nothing.  There will be ups, downs, and plateaus.  There will be the naysayers and doubters.  Acknowledge them and how they’ve helped you learn and become stronger for it and keep moving forward.

Reward yourself for knocking out small goals along the path.  You can’t just say I want to lose 100 pounds and you won’t have sugar until you do.  That will drive anyone that’s not a freak insane.  Our health requires us to look out to the horizon.  It’s not about the short term and our trajectory must keep pointing ahead.  So feel free to treat yourself when you hit milestones along the way.

This isn’t a perfect list, nor is it totally inclusive.  Find what works for you and also know what works now may not work later.  So be open to mixing it up and keep yourself excited about where you’re going.

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