5 Ways Joining EBCF Can Save You Money

1. Better Mental Acuity

Multiple studies have shown that physical exercise improves cognitive ability. In his book “Spark,” Dr. John Ratey shows how exercise helps improve focus, fight depression and make better decisions. A sharp mind allows you the ability to think more clearly, develop new ideas, process information faster, etc. This in turn can make you better at your job, saving time which equals money saved.

2. Increased Energy and Immunity 

People who work out regularly are more productive at work than those who don’t, according to research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Additionally, these same people miss less work. Higher levels of fitness raise levels of immunity and reduce many major health risks. Absence and less productivity equal lower income.

A study in the Journal of Labor Research found that men who work out consistently make 6 percent more than their sedentary counterparts on average. For women, the numbers are even higher. Women who work out regularly make 10 percent more on average than those who don’t.

3. Health-Care Savings

A 2012 study by the Journal of the American Heart Association showed a savings of $2,500 per year for people who got regular exercise.

Taking this a step further, at EBCF we have seen folks stop taking previously required medicines (on the advice of their doctors) because their symptoms have gone away. This is usually due to achieving body composition and health goals. 

Some examples of medication costs for 30-day doses: 

Statins – $36-$600

Metformin (extended) – $235-$1,200

Xanax – $60-$100. 

Most of us have health insurance but are stuck still paying copays.

4. Reductions in Clothing Costs

You may spend less on clothes. The average adult will gain about 2 lb. a year from his or her 20s through 50s. So you may have to buy more, bigger clothes more often. Those that join EBCF can counteract these increases in weight. However, you may have to buy some new smaller clothes due to weight loss, but once downsized you’ll probably be able to stay at that size much longer!

5. Reduced Food Costs

Many working adults eat out several meals a week due to busy schedules and constantly being on the go. We work with our members to establish healthy sustainable nutrition habits which can have them planning ahead and prepping healthier meals and snacks at home. Saving both time and money.

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