Full Name? 

Crystal Agoncillo


San Diego, CA

Favorite Movie? 

Black Swan (or for comfort: any early 00s hit like Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, or Charlie’s Angels).

What do you do for a living? 

I am a mental health case manager at DESC, and I work with the chronically homeless and formerly homeless residing within our local community.


I have an extensive array of houseplants. Also, within the first couple months of joining EBCF, I got my partner Vikram to join the gym as well!

When/where did you start CrossFit?

After watching a bunch of very fit (badass) women do their own stunts on ‘Birds of Prey’, I thought I’d join my nearest CrossFit gym in San Diego… in February 2020. I finished all my onramp courses in March of that year, and you can guess what happened next. 🙁

What brought you to EBCF?

Well, sometime after moving to Seattle mid-pandemic, I mustered up the courage to give CrossFit another try. EBCF instantly caught my eye because it was only a short walk away from my apartment (location, location, location!). So after my second vaccine in April 2021, I booked my first onramp.

What is the most significant change whether it be social, physical, mental, etc you have experienced since joining EBCF?

I was finally able to make some progress in my lifts, thanks to the coaches’ careful instruction, attention to form, and constructive feedback. Since joining EBCF, I have not encountered any of the repetitive injuries that used to keep me from progressing. I am finally setting new personal records again, and I have the coaches to thank for that!

What is your favorite thing about EBCF?

Definitely the community: the sense of camaraderie and mutual encouragement of one another is just lovely. 

What are your goals/aspirations here for the next year?

Oh, you know, what everyone else wants… more muscle, less body fat. I want to fit into all the clothes I was able to fit in, pre-pandemic! Also, as a party trick, I want to be able to perform not one, not two, not three, but MANY a strict pull-up. Preferably one-handed.

Fav/least favorite movements?

I have much love for the back squat. We’ve come a long way.

Wall balls hurt my feelings. No offense, but skipping a workout that involves >50 wall balls is SELF-CARE.

Favorite hobby/activity (non-CrossFit related)?


What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I have a lovebird named Starburst. She’s really rude, though. I would not be surprised if she has an undiagnosed personality disorder.


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