Can You Target Fat Loss?

Many, many people have asked a fitness coach if it’s possible to lose fat “right here.” When they ask, they always point to a body

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How to Be #1

Jim has two kids, a wife, and a full-time job. He feels like she can barely go to the bathroom alone.  Janice is a lawyer.

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Money and Love (of Food)

There are so many analogies to fitness and money. We’ve all heard the classic prescription for weight loss: “Eat less, exercise more,” and how it

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How to Find Motivation

Everyone knows working out is a good thing. It’s common sense. Yet a massive majority of people don’t.  Why? “Workout” contains the word “work,” and

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The Supplement You Need

So you’re starting a fitness program and you’re constantly bombarded with ads for supplements. So naturally, you have questions. We understand!  Ever walked into a

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January Athlete of the Month

Full Name? Erik Korsmo Hometown? Bellevue, WA Favorite Movie? Wall-E What do you do for a living? Write business essays asking people to do stuff

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