January Athlete of the Month

Full Name?

Erik Korsmo


Bellevue, WA

Favorite Movie?


What do you do for a living?

Write business essays asking people to do stuff for me (Product Manager for Alexa Books)


Wonderful, fit wife (Keli), and two aspiring fit kiddos Logan (almost 4) and Theo (almost 1). 

When/where did you start CrossFit?

Technically, did my first “CrossFit” workout with my crazy friend, James, in our college weight room. Turned a LOT of heads from folks bench pressing and walking on the treadmills as we were doing power cleans, rowing, and throwing medicine balls against the wall. Officially started CrossFit 10 years ago at CrossFit SLU, and quickly fell in love with the community, the intensity of the workouts, and how there is always something to learn and improve. 

What brought you to EBCF?

Before EBCF was born, there was a skinny, relatively fit guy named Rohan who also went to CFSLU. We ended up going to the same class pretty frequently, and had a good time racing each other. Whenever we talked about programming or gym culture, I liked Rohan’s perspective, so when he let us know that he was opening up his own gym nearby, we jumped at the opportunity to join up. Been loving it every since.

What is the most significant change whether it be social, physical, mental, etc you have experienced since joining EBCF?

I’ve grown to appreciate working out more to clear my head than to get physically fit. It’s a potent way to be present, focused, and in tune with your physical self that most of us don’t get otherwise.

What is your favorite thing about EBCF?

The people/community is the obvious answer, but that doesn’t do it justice. My favorite thing about EBCF is seeing Jackie, Becca, and many others on the virtual workouts and feeling just as welcome as if I were there in person (even though we are all miles apart). Getting to participate in local competitions and the open with Phil, Jagadeesh, and Topher, and having a whole crew of EBCF friends take their entire Saturday to cheer us on. Having dozens of other, dedicated and motivated folks to be inspired by, and continue to push myself to reach new heights.

What are your goals/aspirations here for the next year?

I’ve made a ton of progress on my goal to “move without pain”, including fixing my knees and for the most part my low back and shoulders. Going to keep chugging on those small but in the long run, impressive, improvements. Otherwise, I am working on running, and aspire to be able to run for 20 minutes continuously. 

Fav/least favorite movements?

I need to work on running and anything grunt work (e.g. weighted step ups) which makes them both my favorite, and least favorite movements.

Favorite hobby/activity (non-CrossFit related)?

Trying to keep up with my family, disc golf, and reading nerdy books.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I eat nutella daily, usually rolled up in a tortilla (pretty much a crepe) but I am not above eating it by the spoonful


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