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Rohan Joseph - COACH & OWNER

CrossFit Level 2 Certified Optimize Me Nutrition Master Class I used to be one of the fat asthmatic kids, with a flabby gut below a nice pair of man boobs. In 6th grade, I tried out for the Math Relay team (I’m an engineer, math is my thing) and was cut for being too slow. It was quite pathetic. Finally, midway through high school, after years of torment (mostly from my brother), I decided to take a look at fitness and make some serious changes. I’ve never looked back since and now always look for ways to push my limits.

While living in CA in 2008, a buddy from my football team brought me to his gym. Here they focused solely on functional movement, but were primarily strength based. Regardless, I was hooked and began seeing changes/improvements I hadn’t known before. When I moved back to WA I tried to find something similar and settled with a local powerlifting gym; I even competed. I enjoyed it, but yearned for something more multi-dimensional. Luckily I came across YouTube highlights of the ’09 Games. I couldn’t stop watching. Not only could these guys powerlift, they had athletic ability in so many other facets. Like real life ninja training. I had to get a piece. That’s when I walked into my local box and did Karen day 1. I felt like I was going to die. I couldn’t wait for day 2… Since then, fitness has evolved into much more than my daily workout. It’s part of who I am and the lifestyle I choose to live. It’s opened so many doors and introduced me to so many new friends. I can easily say, while the fitness aspects are amazing, the community it has created for me is the number one benefit and one I hope to pass along at Elliott Bay Community Fitness.

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Phil Cowin coach at Elliott Bay Community Fitness

Phil Cowin


NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist I have been an athlete my whole life. I was a state placer for the Washington State Wrestling tournament, competitive power lifter, and competed in physique bodybuilding. My love for fitness easily drove me to my career in personal training. My passion is helping other people reach their fitness goals and change lives.

Being the “bro” that I am, I avoided the box at all costs. However I started dabbling in some Olympic lifting and it inevitably followed. It wasn’t until I started at EBCF that I fell in love with the sport. The competitive, tight knit, family nature of the box showed me what it was all about. The people and friends I have met here are truly amazing. I am excited to share my knowledge and continue to learn with this amazing community.

Meredith Hastings coach at Elliott Bay Community Fitness



CrossFit Level 1 Certified I was fortunate to grow up with parents that valued eating healthy and taking care of our bodies through exercise. Along with trips to the gym with my parents, my two older brothers helped prepare me for an active life by beating me in outdoor sports for my entire childhood, though I did beat one of them in basketball once.

After playing softball, basketball, and recreational sports for most of my life, I found various ways to stay active through college and after – whether by doing P90X several times or choosing to run three half marathons in a year just to see if I could. I’ve come to respect that I’m my best self when I’m active, and after joining Elliott Bay in 2017, I eventually realized I wanted to combine this lifelong fitness hobby with another: my passion for encouraging myself and others to discover new depths of our potential. Fitness is a tangible way to prove to ourselves that we’re capable of much more than we think, and I think that translates powerfully to other areas of our lives. I’m passionate about coaching the whole person – not just our bodies, but our whole selves. Fitness is just one means to becoming the best versions of who we can be, all while deepening our social connections, taking care of our bodies and minds, and investing in our health.

Leo Hernandez coach at Elliott Bay Community Fitness



Level 2 CrossFit Certification I'm just a small town kid who loves a good workout, making new friends, and challenging myself and others to do better. I have always loved learning and playing new sports. While in high school, I played and lettered in football, basketball, baseball, track and cross-country. I had a couple of offers to run cross-country and track in college. Ultimately, I decided to go to college on an academic scholarship.

I still wanted to stay active and in shape, so I played a lot of intramural sports throughout college. One day one of my roommates, Jake, showed me the main site. We would read the workout description, watch videos, and go attempt it at our recreational center. Most of the times we would have to modify the workout to make due with the equipment at the rec; we even had to make our own rings and medicine ball! This was back when it was still grassroots. It was not what it is today, but it was still so amazing. We often got crazy looks, but we didn’t care. It’s been amazing to see how it has transformed and changed the lives of so many people! When I graduated college, my job had me out in California for about a year. This was amazing as I had the opportunity and privilege to become a part of different gyms and communicates in Northern California. When I moved back to Minneapolis, I joined my local box and then became a part-time coach. I have been able to learn so much from these amazing communities. Now that I’m in the PNW, I’m excited to be a part of Elliott Bay and share my knowledge, coach, and challenge members to strive for their best!

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